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Area 6
Black Sea
Japanese Name エリアシックス
Romanized Name Eriashikkusu
English Name Area 6
Aliases Sea Continent
Location Gourmet World
Affiliations Eight Kings
Black Hole Whale
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Area 6 is one of the eight major continents located in the Gourmet World, nicknamed the Sea Continent due to it being mostly water around the area. It is the location of the legendary Food King, ANOTHER, which is protected by the ruling species, Black Hole Whale


The entire Area is shown to be mostly sea, depicting may different types of phenomenons and housing many different ocean creatures in it's water. The base of it is shown to be three islands, which connect together to form the deadly location, Black Triangle. It is shown that the civilization of Area 6 is based within the waters of the continent, making it the only one to be hidden so well.



There is shown to be many different types of ingredients that live within the waters, making it mostly aquatic creatures that people can find there. 


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