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Bubble Water
Bubble Water

Bubble Water



Capture Level



44168 yen per liter


Base of Aqua Mountain



Bubble Water Is a type of Delicate Ingredient said to have one of the purest forms of water that can keep a person hydrated for more than a week, and is said to be in a protective Mist around the Aqua Mountain Base


Like most common bubbles, the Bubble Water shows to be of similar form, only instead of being unable to be gazed through, like sea water, it is clear enough to where one can shine light through it and it passes through it clearly. The bigger the size of the bubble, the cleaner the water is.

As FoodEdit

Similar to the Bubble Fruit, the Bubble Water is a very delicate ingredient that can only be captured if someone shows to have mastery over Food Honor, making this a special preparation ingredient. When captured, the bubble pops and from the inside of it comes crystal clear water that the bubble itself collects from the different sources of water molecules on the Aqua Mountain, producing a clear refreshing and chilled drink that aids in digestion due to it's clear unfiltered taste with the minerals increasing the stomach's dissolving process.

Capture MethodEdit

To capture this ingredient, one's Food Honor must be in sync with their breathing, allowing them to pass through the special protective mist that covers the Bubble Water, drawing it towards them before they use a special Gourmet Bottle to capture it, transforming it into clear water once it enters it. Any distractions or attempts to simply pass through the mist often result in the popping of the Bubble Water.


  • The ingredient was inspired by this song .