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Capture Level (捕獲レベル Hokaku Reberu) is a type of numeric order that the IGO created to measure the difficulty and dangers of beasts located in both the Human World and Gourmet World.

It has been shown that in the Human World, the current capture levels officially is considered to be 1 to 100, with some exceptions as there are some ingredients that are too easily obtainable, that they are often given Capture Level 'below 1'. It's also been seen that in some cases, beasts can often have misleading captures levels, an example of which is a beast who is said to have a capture level of 50, but the actual capture is 2 as the environment that the beast lives in would be the fifty.

It has been shown that in the Gourmet World, there have been official recordings of beasts that pass the normal 100 level, going up to high records as 10,000. The highest Capture Level of all ingredients belongs to Space Taipan, at 530,000.

Certain beasts have been shown to have fluctuating capture levels based on several factors, such as the environment they were raised in or their diet. It may even be possible for beasts to continue to become stronger over and over again if they are implanted with Gourmet Cells and come in contact with prey compatible with said cells. It has been shown that the most powerful of beasts such as the Nitro naturally possess Gourmet Cells. It also has been hinted that Gourmet World's food actually possesses Gourmet Cells. It should be noted however that humans who do not possess Gourmet Cells can in fact obtain them from eating ingredients containing Gourmet Cells.

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  • GOD (Capture Level 10,000)

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