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Chefs(シェフ, Shefu) are professional cooks that work in different types of restaurants preparing meals for those who enter and pay. In both the former and second Gourmet Age, chefs are considered to be the highest held people beyond even movie stars and celebrities, often referred to as Saints and the Treasure of The Gourmet Age. Many different chefs work in many kinds of restaurants, cooking incredible dishes depending on how many stars their restaurant has, and even at times owning their own to prepare meals. In some especially unique cases, certain chefs have the ability to hear The Voice of The Ingredients, making them even more famous and skillful when cooking. 


There are four known rankings for chefs:

  • Head Chef: the head of the kitchen, and the one in charge of preparing meals.
  • Sous Chef (a.k.a. Vice Head Chef): generally the second in command, they are in charge when the Head Chef is absent.
  • Assistant Chef: these chefs are generally the ones who assist the the Head and Sous Chef.
  • Executive Chef: it is currently unknown what the ranking or ability of this position is, but within the Bishokukai, the Executive Chef is the highest ranking chef in the organization and stands above even the Head Chefs.

Chefs tend to form partnerships with Bishokuyas, known as Combos. Just as the strongest Bishokuyas form Combos with the best Chefs, so that the Chef can cook the best meals, it is the same vice versa, so that the Chef can obtain the highest quality Ingredients. It's been shown that chefs at times were even Bishokuya themselves, often showing that they know how to fight and how to survive without their partners if the need arises.

Known ChefsEdit

NikuMug LeengardMug KadotsuMug HelenaMug KenkyoMug
"Head Chef"
Niku Arata
"Head Chef"
"Head Chef"
"Head Chef"
Helena K. Williams
"Head Chef"
Kenkyo Seishin
MichelleMug KozemMug DawnMug ToriMug YukiMug2
"Sous Chef"
"Sous Chef"
Kozem Katama
"Sous Chef"
Dawn Hiron
"Meat Chef"
AkumaMug AvaronMug KaguraMug LucyMug MakisuMug
Sous Chef"
Avaron Yoshida
Lucy Carswell
Makisu Yakigama
AimiMug KiriaMug MardMug ChishikiMug HakkuMug
Aimi Inoue
Mard Griever
Chishiki Seishin


"Chef In-Training"
Hakku Awarena
"Goddess of Chef"
Tsuki Shinkou


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