"We are a family! I got all my brothers with me!"

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Five Gourmet Overlords





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The Five Gourmet Overlords (五美食家大君 Gobishokutaikun) is the name that was given to the group formed by Damon, Deker, Delsin, Zanka and Ana. All of them are very powerful Bishokuya of the New Generation who have conquered incredible achievments and have superhuman abilities.

Incredible AchievementsEdit

Each of the Five Gourmet Overlords have done incredible things to be considered an Overlord, said achievement makes them very famous.

  • Damon - Defeated the Daemon Luna of Level 100, one of the most powerful beast of the Human World while protecting one of the Human World's Main Cities.
  • Deker - Discovered the Rare Cola Turtle of Level 80, which couldn't be found by Scientists from Bishokukai and IGO.
  • Delsin - Captured and imprisoned back 500 prisoners in the Gourmet Prisons, with each of them being former skilled Bishokuya & Saiseiya.
  • Zanka -
  • Ana - Proved the existence of the Level 99 Human Angler by bringing one back alive to the IGO.

Superhuman AbilitiesEdit

Each of the Five Gourmet Overlords have been implanted with Gourmet Cells that have given them superhuman abilities. So far two of the group had shown Primary & Abilities along with Physical Prowess, while the other three only showed their Primary Ability and Physical Capability.


Five Gourmet Overlords
Deker Prof Damon Prof Delsin Prof Zanka Prof Ana Profi
Deker Damon Delsin Zanka Ana
  • Deker - Loose member of IGO and former student of Shokurin Temple.
  • Damon - Work at IGO when called for, former student of Shokurin Temple, mostly Unaffiliated.
  • Delsin - Former Student of Shokurin Temple, prefers to do everything alone, rejects both IGO & other affiliates.
  • Zanka -
  • Ana - IGO when they offer work, former student of Shokurin Temple, otherwise unaffiliated with anyone.



  • This is the first Bishokuya Group to be made on the Wiki.
  • Deker is the only Overlord who doesn't possess an surname.
  • Delsin Jones is the only Overlord with an alignment which is not good, but neutral.
  • While Deker is the youngest member standing at 21, Ana Luce is the oldest member standing at 35.
  • Although not confirmed, Damon has once said that he finds Delsin to be the strongest Overlord.
    • Damon also said that he considers Delsin's feat to be the greatest of the group.
    • Despite that, he also states that he finds Delsin's powers the lamest.
    • Out of them all, he is the least social, rarely going to meetings or answering his calls.