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GOD Final Form







King of All Ingredients (食材の王 Shokuzai no Ō)


Divine Beast

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Area 1 (Gourmet World)


Awakens Gourmet Cells of the Brain



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All Ingredients of Earth

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GOD (ゴッド Goddo) is the Legendary King of All Ingredients (食材の王 Shokuzai no Ō) and is known to be the Planet's Main Dish, standing above all other species that live on it as the Apex-Predator. It was discovered by the Legendary Bishokuya, Acacia 500 years ago and was the Main Ingredient in his Full Course Menu. It's taste is said to be the pinnacle of flavor, a flavor that no one else has ever experienced aside from a few, and has even been the center for many different wars that have happened. 


GOD's appearance is said to have varied greatly through the years. On its previous appearances, it took on the looks of giant green tadpoles which have a planet-like texture as their skin. They are quadrupedal, having tiny arms and slightly larger legs, along with a long white tail. Their eyes are circular and completely white, devoid of any pupil. Depending on GOD's age and matureness, the amount of tadpoles and their size itself can change drastically, as when it matured, the tadpoles had the size of a meteor.

After fully maturing, GOD takes the form of various tadpoles which quickly merge together to shape an immensely large Frog. Its skin is completely golden, even having some reflections throughout it, its scales having some variations on the back and leg area. GOD's face has eight, four for each side, whisker-like extensions which end in a ball, located just above its mouth. Its eyes are large and have a blue color to them. On the stomach area, the planet-like texture from the tadpoles is even more noticeable and bigger. Overall, it is extremely oval and fat, being rather flexible.


During each of the times it emerges from deep within the Earth, each GOD shows to have an extreme appetite when it comes out, showing to attack anything in front of it after it fully awakens. It also shows to have any lack of fear or discrimination towards anything as it consumes everything from plant life to the beasts that walk around casually.


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