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Gore Orange

ゴア オランジ


Goa Oranji


Gore Orange



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The Gore Orange (ゴア オランジ Goa Oranji) is a fruit that only grows in areas with lots of blood, as that is what the plant uses for nourishment, of course there must be a seed at the location for it to grow. The trunks of the trees that bears the fruit are incredibly hard, because all the iron in the blood that it takes in stays in the trunk.


Gore Oranges look like any normal orange on the outside. They have an orange coloured rind that must be removed to eat the fruit and a white pith lining the rind. The juice however is a deep red colour, reminiscent of the blood that was used to grow the fruit. Gore Oranges are generally bursting with juice, so when one is bitten into, the juices tend to squirt everywhere. Because of this, the one eating it will often look as if they are covered in blood, making them look a gory mess. This, and the fact that they tend to grow in battlefields, is where the name comes from.

As FoodEdit

Gore Oranges are an easy fruit to acquire once they have grown. They are mostly seen during times of war, and were a staple food during many wars for soldiers due to the fact that they grew right where the fighting was happening. The only real difficulty in taking the fruit is that since the branches are made of iron, they hold onto the fruit pretty tightly. The best way tends to be to cut the orange off the branch. These oranges are quite easy to cook. They can be eaten raw or in cooking. They are sweet with just the right amount of sourness to them. They are said to taste best as a juice. Also, the rind can be used as a zest.


  • Due to all the iron in the trees trunks, after the tree eventually dies from lack of nourishment, the trunks stay standing as a natural iron statue. These statues tend to become memorials for the ones that died there.

Behind The ScenesEdit

  • The Gore Orange is based off of the real life Blood Orange.