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Gourmet Archipelago
Japanese Name グルメ諸島
Romanized Name Gurume Shotō
English Name Gourmet Archipelago
Aliases Gourmet Islands
Full Course Archipelago
Location Human World
Affiliations IGO Icon IGO
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"The Full Course Islands of Life."

The Gourmet Archipelago (グルメ諸島, Gurume Shotō) are a long chain of islands located in the Human World. The islands are divided into groups, each representing a certain item on a Full Course Menu, and different kinds of ingredients and beasts can be found there. They are generally used as private retreats for famous or retired Bishokuya, though some Saiseiya and Gourmet Hermits can be found there as well.

Geography Edit

The Gourmet Archipelago is made up of a series of islands, each one with a different layout and enviroment, and thus, different ingredients can be found there. The islands themselves are divided into groups, each one named after items on a Full Course Menu. The islands are grouped based on similarities in environment and the types of ingredients that can be found there. Despite common perception, the islands are not in a row, but rather seemingly randomly placed. In fact, the groups are in the vague shape of a continent.

The following are the known islands, with a description of who lives on them, any unique ingredients, and their environment:

Residents Edit

Name Island Occupation
??? Hors d'Oeuvre Island ???
Garnett Soup Island Bishokuya
??? Salad Island ???
??? Fish Island ???
??? Meat Island ???
??? Main Course Island ???
??? Dessert Island ???
Delphy Drink Island Gourmet Hermit

History Edit

Trivia Edit