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Gourmet Yakuza



Gurume Yakuza


Ryuu (Former)
Match (Current)




Nerg City


To protect Nerg City from IGO

The Gourmet Yakuza (グルメヤクザ, Gurume Yakuza) is an organization much hated by the constitutional countries, seemingly made up completely of orphans and slum dogs from the crime slum Nerg, a non-IGO affiliated city. 10% of the prisoners in Gourmet Prison come from this city, giving it the nickname "Criminal-Producing Factory." The Yakuza, seemingly altruistic, are told by the Boss upon joining to repay their debt not to him, but to the "hungry children of the slums." The previous boss was Ryu, with Match now replacing him.



For many years, the Gourmet Yakuza has been in control of Nerg City while under the leadership of their boss Ryuu, but despite their criminal activity, the yakuza aids the poverty stricken denizens of the city and make sure that no narcotic ingredients circulate amongst innocent civilians. They also take in orphaned children into their organization and treat them like family, which is how Match came to join the yakuza.

Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

Sometime before Toriko, Coco and Komatsu arrived in the Jidar Kingdom, the Gourmet Yakuza boss, Ryuu stepped down and allowed Match to be the new Yakuza Boss. When Match met up with Toriko and the others, he told them that Ryu had said that he had a larger job to complete in the Gourmet World, and took with him several other Yakuza members. In truth, Ryuu was invited by the "Saiseiya" Yosaku to join the 0th Biotope, and does not seem to have the intention of coming back.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

The Gourmet Yakuza took part in the battle of Cooking Fest were they aided the IGO and the Four Heavenly Kings in fighting of the Bishokukai.

Known MembersEdit

Gourmet Yakuza
Current Members
ParcelMug RichardMug Newmug1 Nico yakuza
Branch Boss"
Branch Boss"
Richard E. Castle
"Vegas Las
Branch Boss"
"Gourmet Yakuza"
ToriMug Risu profile Hyun profile Hyo profile
"Gourmet Yakuza"
"Gourmet Yakuza"
"Gourmet Yakuza"
"Gourmet Yakuza"
Former Members
ShizMug GreyMug
"Gourmet Yakuza"
Minaru Montag
"Gourmet Yakuza"
Greyson Peterson
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