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Intimidation (威嚇, Ikaku) is a unique ability beings have that allows them to strike fear into the hearts of their opponents, resulting in either fleeing or being scared unconscious. In some cases, it has been shown that one who has Gourmet Cells is able to merge intimidation with their Appetite Devils, resulting in a more intense state of fear that can even scare multiple beasts in one single try. It has been shown that Intimidation can actually be projected from objects as well, depending on what actual material said object is made from, resulting in the appearance of the beast that can strike fear so long as the user keeps their tool in hand.


  • Any person with the gourmet cells is able to initiate this form with training.
  • Items can give the power of Intimidation, but only when made from a material that has gourmet cells infused into it. 
  • The Technique, Ultimate Routine: Intimidation will not be available for use to anyone, including the admins. 
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