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Rock River Falls
Rock River Soup

Rock River Soup


Soup Elder



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13071 yen per fl oz


Titan Forest

Rock River Soup is an ingredient said to be at the heart of the Titan Forest, a location where things are shown to be nearly triple of what they would be. The soup itself is said to be the first one to have ever been used, a soup from which all others came from it's very broth.


The broth coming down from the Rock River Falls produces a special soup that is shown to be a form of green-color due to some of the alge that grows at the bottom as well as adding in some of the vitamins and minerals collected by the rushing broth.

As FoodEdit

The broth of the Rock River Falls is said to be one of the most purest soups around, often being considered high quality similar to multiple forms of stocks that people often create. The broth itself is considered a cooking ingredient as well, enriching the flavor of whatever is added into it when someone prepares it. Depending on what someone adds to the broth will often depend what flavor it takes on, making it an adaptable stock.

Special Preparation IngredientEdit

When it is taken out and begun to cook, the person must first boil the broth at an even temperature, all while gently scooping out any remaining algae that would reside inside of the broth. Once cleared and cooked for 30 minutes at an even flame, the broth shows to be a clear and different shade of color, making it more easier to add any ingredients to create different types of soups, stews, and anything that requires broth.