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The Saiseiya (再生屋, Saisei-ya, literally meaning "Regeneration Providers" also known as Gourmet Revivers) are the protectors of ingredients which they try to save from death or extinction, and when they fail to do so, if they have the necessary skill, revive the ingredients.

They are shown to have the entitlement to arrest anyone who hunt illegaly, as they were able to perform Zebra's capture. Many of the Saiseiya work in the region of the country of Life since it has many natural remedies and it is like a headquarters of them. They are shown to don't have any side it comes to hunting, as they choose to take neither the side of a bishokuya nor a beast if they are in the battle, however they will involve themselves if a ingredient is illegaly hunted, threatened or if one of their comrade or civilian is in danger , however if the beast which is attacking is considered an endangered species then the saiseiya will only help with evacuation and protection while supporting a bishokuya.

Saiseiyas are shown to have a complex alert network which they use to keep them informed about the most recent events or dangers. The network keeps track and shows the current situation of all saiseiyas, if one is in a critical situation, the most nearby saiseiyas will be sent a message telling them to help their fellow comrade, however it should be noted the full potential of this network is still unknown.

Known SaiseiyaEdit

KodokuMug2 EinionMug KiritoMug MeruemMug OrionMug
Einion Ferro
Orion Nightshade
RockyMug ChishikiMug
Chishiki Seishin
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