Now I am sure many of you will want to have your favorite characters to be on your side, but I am here to post a blog on potential rules that one must go through in order to fully have permission to make a canon character on here. These rules were made by User:Phantombeast and I am simply distributing it out to the public. The Dawn Angel (talk) 23:21, April 19, 2014 (UTC)


  1. To begin, a person must have the permission of one admin, and must also explain a proper reason for how their character changed from being part of their original status to how they become what the user plans for them to be. Example would be "Chin-chin left the Gourmet Temple after Lady Chiyo returned to him, going back to being a gourmet hunter along side her in search of meaning in the world".
  2. Depending on how big a part of the story the characters are, the user can add more to their abilities within reason, but if it shows to be characters that have had more than one appearance in the anime or manga, then it must be discussed with an admin before it is possible to add.
  3. If a canon character has a partner, it will not be able to take on another one, and must keep to the status of the series, unless posted otherwise on the series.
  4. There is only a few characters that will not be avalible to transfer into the fanon due to everchanging powers, their years of experience, and because it would not be considered equal to everyone on here: The Character list will consist of The Four Heavenly Kings, The Trio of Acacia's Disciples, The Oth Biotope, The Gourmet National Treasures, and the higher ranks of the Bishokukai.
  5. Canon Toriko beasts are all allowed to be used. Any user can make their own Eight Kings so long as its for their story or rp only. 
  6. For relationships between canon and fanon characters, It will not be allowed until further notice.
  7. Minor Canon relationships will be allowed, but must be asked permission by an admin
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