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World Turtle
World Turtle



Sekai no Kame


World Turtle


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1000 m


1000 m


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Human World (Wanders)



World Turtle (世界のカメ, Sekai no Kame, lit Turtle of the World) is a massive Reptile Beast that slowly wanders around the Human World, never wandering out of the waters.


World Turtle looks like a turtle, or tortoise, on a massive scale. They have jungles growing on their shells and have moss/algae on their leathery skin. Roots and vines hang from their bodies from underneath, looking like and feeling as soft as fur. It is believed that the plants growing on the World Turtle are symbiotic to the reptile, rather than parasitic, as a World Turtle has never been seen to drink, leading people to believe that the vines and roots hanging from the bottom of the beast absorb water from the ocean below the World Turtle and then taken in by the beast.

No one has ever seen one that was too small to build a small city on the back of.


World Turtle appear to feel no threat from anything, as they quietly wander the Human World with nary a care. This is most likely due to their massive size as there are no creatures around them that could successfully hunt them. It has been reported that World Turtles have had injuries on their feet and legs, likely due to some ocean predators taking bites out of them as they pass through. The World Turtles don't seem to notice, mind or even care that they've had bites taken out of them, as one researcher put it, "To them, t's as insignificant as a gnat buzzing your head."

As FoodEdit

Due to their massive size and the fact that all known World Turtles have civilizations built on their backs, it is both impossible and illegal to kill and eat a World Turtle according to the IGO.

However, on the backs of World Turtles are ecosystems where Ingredients and Beasts can be found. The plants and beasts are reported to vary between World Turtles.


  • Name comes from numerous myths where it is believed that the world is balanced on the back of a turtle
  • While the country of Zou from One Piece could have been a partial inspiration for this page, World Turtle was actually made 24 July 2015 while Zou's first appearance was 3 August 2015