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Wul Swamp
Death swamp
Japanese Name ウル スワンップ
Romanized Name Wuru Suwanppu
English Name Wul Swamp
Aliases Death Swamp
Location Human World
Affiliations Wul Continent
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Wul Swamp (ウル スワンップ Wuru Suwanppu), also known as Death Swamp due to the viciousness of the creatures that live there, is a swamp that is located on the southern part of the Wul Continent. 


Wul Swamp is a habitat that is on the Wul Continent, south of the Wul Forest. Due to the close proximity to the dangerous forest, the majority of the plants that it is composed of are carnivorous, with some occasionally being able to move around with some level of sentience. The swamp consistently has an oppressive heat to it, together with overwhelming humidity. There is seemingly no dry land for someone to walk on, with the water going up at least to an average sized man's waist. The land beneath the water is extremely uneven though, resulting in a constant change in water depth. Occasionally there are also bogs that roughly go 40 metres deep, making it exceedingly dangerous for outsiders to wander around in the Death Swamp. Essentially the only places that do have any sort of dry land is the edges of the swamp. The plant life is very thick, making travel very slow moving for even things that are only the size of a human. Yet the native beasts can move with surprising speeds, almost as if they aren't affected by the plants at all, suggesting that they can spot holes to move through as they don't simply crash through everything. Many Bishokuya who have experienced Wul Swamp will attest that the safest way to travel is by moving along the roots of the large trees, as you don't need to worry about stumbling into a bog, and there is less worry about unseen beasts attacking. Believed to be the most dangerous places in the swamp are the large clumps of tall grass that speckle their way throughout the entire biome. People ignorant to the dangers of the Death Swamp will tend to gravitate to these patches, as they allow for a dry path, but these prove to be the food source of the fearsome Swamp Zebra's, who will viciously attack anything within their territory.





  • This location was created specifically as a habitat for Swamp Zebra's to live in.

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